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Lifestyle Switzerland organizes business events focused mainly on improving the relationship between work colleagues (team building), moreover our company, with regular expiration, promotes meetings between different professionals in the real estate sector with the aim of creating indispensable synergies to conquer local and international markets.



2018 Lifestyle Switzerland simbolo.png

Evento Contract G Swiss

15th november 2018


Contract G Swiss

new show room opening

in Bironico.

Wonderful night piano bar style.




Barbara Berta

and Francesco Corvino.

Lifestyle Switzerland organizza eventi aziendali focalizzati soprattutto a migliorare il rapporto tra colleghi di lavoro (team building), inoltre la nostra società, con scadenza regolare, promuove incontri tra i diversi professionisti del settore immobiliare con l’intento di creare sinergie indispensabili per conquistare mercati locali e internazionali.

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